Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Identity & Forgiveness Part 2

No one wants to be continuously reminded when they have done something wrong.  They feel like the other person has something over on them--they are afraid it will be hanging over their head forever,right? 

The victim can walk in grace & mercy, reminding the offender that their sin does not define who they are either.   They can walk confidently in forgiveness, knowing their transgressions have been washed away by the sacrifice of Christ---forever.

Often, an 'offender' may feel as if they are forever 'under' the label of their transgression, they will always be remembered as, "the one who did _________", or "the insert label of transgression here". 

Going back to the Word of God, just as the 'victim', there is freedom.  Christ does not recognize us as our transgression.    Psalm 103:12 as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.  He sees us just as he created us, fearfully and wonderfully made.

If an offender becomes defensive it is usually due to mistaken identity, feeling as if they are only seen as the sum of their sins.  A 'victim' can graciously remind the 'offender' that they are loved and forgiven. 

Although we are humans striving to be like Christ--we are not Christ.  Healing must occur, which only God can do. I believe one way He heals us is through his Word, reminding us of who we truly are.  Saturate yourself, in His Holy Word! His breathe, allow Christ to breathe your identity into you, even on a moment by moment basis, the breathe of life!

Both part 1 & part 2 are more for those relationships that we are involved in on a daily basis, like the marital one.  Some offenses do not require continued contact. For those relationships that we truly desire reconciliation, I believe it all boils down to identity.  When we know our true identity in Christ, forgiveness is a natural byproduct.


  1. thank you kt.

    this is so timely.

    I'm constantly viewing myself as the sum of my sin.... I didn't really realize it until I read this post.

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  3. I am reporting this bc it had major typos from nakking and bumping the keyboard!

    Every day IS a new day, as far as how I view myself and my ability to do better. But I am realizing that some relationships need to be amended by how much I trust that person after they transgress against me. I tend to be too forgiving and get myself into repeat situations.

    But in a marital relationship, I couldn't live like that. I HAVE to truly forgive my husband and go on because I couldn't be a "false self" in my own home. I need to be ME, you know. But in extended/friend relationships, I can just be part of me and keep part of me reserved around them. Make sense?

  4. it does make sense... I've learned that same lesson with some former friends of ours. with some it's all or nothing, with others it can be just partially me.


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