Thursday, June 3, 2010

On Cloud Nine!

I can't believe it!  I finished my first ever quilt--I mean a *real* quilt and it came out better than I could have imagined.  Believe me, I imagined *a lot*. haha!  It was so hard for me to design it but once it started coming together, it was tedious and I was tempted to quit.

Now that it is finished----oh it is so lovely. I can't wait to make another one.  The next one will be much simpler though.  This one was made especially for Baby K.  I machine stitched the whole thing but next time....I might just entertain the idea of hand quilting it.  I did something *I* think is an extra special touch.  I freehandedly quilted words into it.  I stitched the word JOY into it about four times. It is mixed in among swirls and twirls of stitches but *I* know it's there.  It is everything K is.  People comment on it often--he is a very joyous child.  

He over flows with it so much that you look @ him and you feel it in your own heart--it's amazing.

See what I mean? LOOK @ that face of his.  Oh & that is the quilt. ;-)  Part of it anyway.

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  1. Forget the quilt - I'm admiring that cute baby I want to eat up! hehe

    The quilt is beautiful!

    Hey! When are you making your road trip?


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