Saturday, June 26, 2010

A little bit of Art & some fireworks!

Oldest had an art show today.  He's been taking some art classes in LB & really likes them.  Today was the big reveal for the students to showcase what they had been working on. Wow! Was I ever impressed.  Oldest did a water color piece and a chalk piece.  The chalk piece was so amazing.  It was a Mexican General, looked a little like his grandfather, my FIL.  

It was a bit nerve wracking getting to the show. I was picking up 2 of oldest's friends, which was no big deal except oldest had confused the time of the show and it was actually 2 hours earlier than he originally told us.  We had to rush, my brother came so that helped.  He took oldest and picked up one friend on the way.  I went in the other direction and picked up his other friend.  When we got there, a bit discombobulated in trying to find the location, we had also been given the wrong keys got locked in the car! arg!  My brother drove all the way back to my house to get the spare keys and bring them back to me.

We did enjoy looking at all the student work though.

The city was also having their annual block party and fireworks show tonight too.  His friends decided to stay and hang out and we planned to go to the fireworks show later.  It's at the local mall, which is right down the street, so we all hung out here, they mainly hung out in the back yard, played basket ball & I ordered Papa John's (I LOVE their pizza!!), then we walked over a little later on.

They changed parking lots for the fireworks this year.  We were able to get awesome seats @ the Costco food court. I think we had the best seats, really.  The show was great too.  I LOVE the city we live in.  If we ever get to buy our own home, I'd love to stay in this neighborhood.

My brother was nice enough to get me some popcorn from Target when I not-so-subtly hinted to him that it would be nice to have snacks during the fireworks. ;-)  He also bought everyone something to drink.  It ended up being a really great day.

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