Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Decade!

That's how old my Sammyboy turned! A decade!  It's been quite an adventure w/ this fella.  We still joke about how he could run before he could walk.  About the times we'd find him in the back yard wrestling with the dog--he couldn't even walk yet! Or the many times he purposely threw this brother's Legos down the heater. 

AAAhhhh yes, he was one of 'those' toddlers.  You know the ones....they scream loudly in the grocery store, stand up in the cart and climb out of their strollers--backward, while securely strapped in!!!  Oh how I learned to love and appreciate that about him.  I always knew exactly what he was feeling, where he was at 'emotionally', it was all out in the open.  Nothing hidden.

He's still very transparent to this day, but with much more self control and reserve.  He has a sweet spirit, wants to please and grow up to be just like his daddy, depending on what occupation daddy is currently involved in.  He's sensitive and can hear God's voice very well.

I can't imagine my life with out this boy in it. I look forward to another exciting decade for him. 

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  1. Happy Birthday S!!! love that pic of him!


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