Sunday, August 15, 2010

16 months!

And K has already traveled the country.  he was so good.  As long as I made sure to give him ample opportunity to stretch his legs, he was great.

He LOVES and I mean LOVES to be outside.  If he doesn't get to go outside, he gets fussy. He will be in the house playing but it's obvious he is bored and will begin to get fussy for no apparent reason.  Then I let him outside and he is so calm.  

Sometimes now he even points to his stroller and makes it obvious he wants us to put him in it.
last week I began to actually take a walk with him around the block. I have to walk really slow and he wants to walk up to every neighbors porch...for some reason.  I am trying to train him to stay on the sidewalk at least.  he aslo wants to walk on the short brick fences...which is interesting because I LOVE walking on curbs.  He seems too young to have notices so I wonder if it is just a natural affinity he has for it or what. LOL

Sometimes he will see something on the ground that interests him will bend down to grab it and then plunk himself right down on the sidewalk to examine it.  I have introduced him to the joy and sensation of crunching leaves while you walk.  He really likes that.

I got him the most darling rocking horse (in mint condition) last month from the thrift store. He loves it except he's such a daredevil.  I have to constantly make sure he doesn't stand up on it.  He tempts fate by rocking on it with his feet up near the handles. 

He is growing up so incredibly fast...well no maybe not, it's the normal day at a time. ;-)  He has a mouthful of teeth though.  None of the other children had that many teeth at that age. It's such a joy watching him discover new things. That's why I can tolerate taking 33 minutes to walk around our .2 mi block! Seriously. That was after I carried him 3/4 of the way home because he would not hold my hand and stay off neighbors lawns. haha! 8-D

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