Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Wow! This movie was awesome. Really.  I don't get too excited over movies too often.  This one was thrilling, smart and fairly decent, no nudity, no foul language that I noticed.  There were guns and shooting sequences.  Edge of your seat, 4 nail biter! LOL

It is a sci-fi flick, being able to get into peoples dreams, create fantasy worlds within dreams. There is the idea that we keep secrets locked up inside and the creators of this movie use such an excellent visual to convey that.  A safe, a vault, a bank! Doesn't that make so much sense?  Locked up tight, within our subconscious.  The deepest secrets, the things we really don't want anyone to know....the creators used an elevator, within a dream, to access the deepest parts of one of the characters.  Each level took you deeper and deeper into his mind.

The movie conveys so much truth.  The idea that the secrets we keep locked away--well they come out--or try to.  And when they come out, or up, there are consequences.  Not only do our secrets affect ourselves but can have great effects on those around us as well.  Sometimes it can even be dangerous.  The truth is always revealed eventually. 

If we don't resolve our deepest concerns...well, it will affect us and those around us.

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