Saturday, August 28, 2010

a little brush, a little ribbon

makes a lot of lovely.

That was what I said to my daughter this morning.  We had a little bit of school work left to finish off our week. We were about to begin with our before-we-start-school-ritual when I noticed she still had not brushed her hair...or her teeth OR even changed out of her pajama pants.  Normally Previously, I would be completely exasperated over this and with her. Instead I stopped, took a deep breathe and spoke calmly and intentionally.  We had already lit our candle.  I gently reminded her of what I had told her to do but now I added that her disobedience was interrupting our before-school routine and we were going to have to wait for her.

How simple. No yelling.  No excessive frustration. She came to the table but she had forgotten to put a ribbon in her hair. It is a new thing I am starting with her. Finally she did and I helped her put it in.  Such a simple thing. It does complete a look of loveliness. 

I took my time with her. What is the rush anyway?  No more scraggly hair in her face, no more rag-a-muffin look.  She was suddenly 'put together' and her entire demeanor changed. She was ready to work! Ready to pay attention.

I decided to start the ribbon with her after I had worn one the other day.  It's not a new concept. I have tons of ribbons. The difference is, now I am intentional about it.  I was on my way out the door and was pulling my hair up in the standard 'mommy on the go' half pony tail. ugh. No time for make-up, it was just a quick errand. However, I did not like what I saw. I decided then and there to slow down. I went back and pulled my hair all the way through into a complete pony tail. I even used a brush! I tied a coordinating ribbon around it.  One is never too old for a ribbon in their hair.  Suddenly, I was standing taller, taking notice of my posture and I felt presentable, even with out the make up.

That's when I realized, a little brush and a little ribbon, makes a whole lot of lovely.

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