Thursday, September 2, 2010

I can't emphasize enough... *important*, nay ESSENTIAL, to be IN prayer daily for & over your family & your husband!!!

YOU are HIS wife--it is your duty, responsibility & privilege to cover him in prayer like NO OTHER woman can do!

Things have been going well for us & admittedly, I had been slacking off on my prayer coverage.

Well, things went maddenly & unexpectedly down hill first thing this morning. I won't go into the extraneous details but the mini-crisis looked hopeless & I could *foresee* no solution.  I was near 'bout a wreck!

Anyway...I have a prayer partner/friend, another wife & mom & we meet EVERY Monday to pray for our families etc. SO I felt like I really had NO other option--& definitely no BETTER option, but to head on over to her house & gather together & PRAY my heart out.  It seemed like we were praying for hours but IDK how long it really was...but God was so faithful & gracious & while we neared the end of our prayers a solution & reconciliation was initiated LIKE WE HAD JUST PRAYED FOR!!!!

Peace & unity were restored to our household. PTL!!!

Please take my advice & what I consider wise words & DO NOT neglect the diligent prayer over your chillers & husband. AS WELL AS, seeking God first in all things, *especially* moments of crisis.

He is a God of harmony, reconciliation, endurance and encouragement. Be sure of it. ;)

Here are some prayer guides:

In calender Form--{a different one}to pray for your DH

In calender Form--prayers to say for your children

These are great places to start. I have seen wonderful changes in my marriage when I am faithfully following the daily prayer guides. Another friend that I introduced to it, reported the same praise report.

Of course you are not limited to the prayers on the guides but they are a good way to begin your prayer. ;)

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