Wednesday, September 22, 2010


That's the extra weight I've been carrying around this week.  I have not ran in quite some time & I miss it. Unfortuneately, I just don't have the gumption right now to get back to it....What I AM doing though, is walking, daily, 5k, around the neighborhood.

Normally I would not brag about that, walking is way too easy, right? I'm not even bragging now, btw. ;-) The reason I feel ok w/ *just* walking is because I am wearing ankle weights while I walk.  5 extra lbs on each ankle.  Wow! Does it ever feel great.  Seriously.  I feel strong. I definitely feel it but it feels good.

The walking is fairly easy & the weights take it up a notch enough that I feel like I'm being challenged.  I want to feel energized and strong, not weak and dragging all day.  Being physically fit, is beneficial on so many levels and I think for me personally, I benefit most mentally.

When I come home, if I have time, I also do a session of Yoga.  It helps me prepare mentally for my day as well as strengthen & stretch the muscles.  When I don't do the Yoga, my muscles are so tight, all day.

Regular exercise also helps one sleep better, believe it or not.  I haven't had much sleep problems for awhile but waking up with baby is tiresome.  At least this way, I know I can fall asleep quicker.

The bonus is that DH has been waking up and going with me daily.  We (or maybe just me? lol) enjoy almost an hour of uninterrupted conversation.  We try to get out the door before everyone else is fully up...I try to wake up the ktbunch as I'm walking out the door, leaving them with instructions to get dressed, eat, teeth brushed and be ready for 'school' by the time we are back.  

If they don't have sports or dance class, then I have them join me in doing the Yoga.  I believe my dd posture will really benefit from it. Also S has his state physical fitness test this year so he is working on increasing his push up and sit up capabilities.

10 lbs is hardly noticeable @ first...but after awhile..whew! I imagine that is how our burdens are, right? We pick one up & it might not seem like a burden @ first, but can become unbearable.  It's such a great feeling when I can get home and take off those ankle weights....I get very similar feelings when I cast my cares up on the Lord.  When I come before Him, sit in His presence and unload my burdens. 

Take off the extra weight!!! Take your burdens to the Lord and see what happens....

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