Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sidewalk chalk

My middles and my oldest were in a chalk art contest this morning.  It was part of a community event, held at a local park.  It was called the Good Neighbor Festival.  Isn't that a lovely theme for a festival? They have it every year.  

It was very warm but the surroundings were so lovely.  There were free hamburgers and hot dogs, hosted by the local police, firemen and life guard associations.  There was an old fashioned pie eating contest--a real pumpkin pie! It looked delish but not all at once! There was also a burrito eating contest, those burritos were huge and also looked very scrumptious.  Lots of local businesses, clubs and organizations also had booths, giving away lots of freebies.

My kiddos worked very hard on their pieces of sidewalk and it paid off.  Oldest was the lead design artist for his team.  They were the only entries so naturally, one of the teams was going to be the 'winner'.  It was oldest team.  They all received nice prizes though.  The middles team each received an admission pass to the local aquarium.  Since oldest was the designer, he received a family pass to a local art museum.

His design was inspired by the photo of the men raising the flag at Iwo Jima.

Can you see the resemblance?

This was the piece the middles worked on.

The theme of the festival was: Good Neighbors, Strong Community.  I think they did a great job capturing the essence of that theme.  I want to use oldest design to create a quilt and enter it into the fair next year.  Oldest design will be used as the logo and publicity poster for next year's festival.  It was an exceptionally lovely day.

S also had his first football game of the season this morning.  Big E and I tag teamed and he took S to football while I took oldest and Birdy tot the park for this event, then the both of them met us there after the game.  S was responsible for a last minute interception that he ran all the way down the field for the tie breaking goal, in the last minute of the game! How awesome huh?

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