Wednesday, November 24, 2010

down time

That's what I am experiencing right now. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. Not fun in any stretch of the imagination. It's absolutely horrid, if I'm being honest.  I was put to sleep for the procedure, so that was good...and so weird.

The bottom two were impacted, growing in sideways, and the reason I had the work done. They are naturally the most sore.  Today is the second day and I have not taken any pain meds.  It still hurts but nothing major or unbearable.  Just enough to make me feel awful and utterly useless. 

I feel really gross not being able to brush my teeth.  I seriously LOVE to brush, so it's kind of freaking me out, not being able to. I can't even believe how much I slept yesterday. 

I am extremely grateful that my teeth are in such good shape as they are.  If I had to go through more major dental work--forget it!  I rarely drink soda but I am NEVER gonna drink it again.  I'll stick to my water!!
I am also going to seriously limit the sugar and sweets in this house.

I don't have many cavities and for 37 years of NOT going to the dentist--that's pretty good!  I'd like to keep it that way & keep my kids mouths healthy too.

Guess I can be using this time to catch up on some crochet and other projects....

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