Monday, November 22, 2010

tv inspiration

I was watching a show recently and there was this scene where this *bad* guy was in a near life or death situation.  He began to desperately cry out to God for help. He prayed for Jesus to save him. Then he turned around and saw some tools that could help him BUT at the same time he began to curse God and say he wasn't going to ask for his help ever again.  Basically, he felt he was saving himself. 

How many times do we pray, desperately, for God to save us or help us, and then when a solution presents itself, although NOT the solution we really wanted, we react as if WE are saving ourselves?

We have a specific response in mind that we want from God and if we don't get that response, we act as if God never answered us. We decide we *must* take matters into our own hands. The character saw the tools and since he had to use the tools, God must not have.  But why not think that God placed the tools there or gave you the idea to use the tools.

Many times if a 'magic' solution doesn't fall from the sky, we think God hasn't helped us.  Or if we haven't received the answer we wanted, then God hasn't answered us yet. Why would God *not* answer? Why would he ignore us? Is that what a good, heavenly Father really does?

Could it be that he *has* answered us but we refuse to accept that answer?

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