Wednesday, November 10, 2010

real life

Today started out like any other know, sun comes up, filled with promise and hope. I was excited to hang some cloth diapers on the clothes line. Then the clouds rolled in, figuratively and literally.

The mail carrier delivered only bills, did a little bit of shopping and forgot eggs and milk, realized a little late it was my mother's-in-law birthday just hours before middles dance lessons...  We head over to MIL home to celebrate, picking up a quick gift on the way.  After about a half hour it was time to take the middles to dance class, which is about a half hour drive away.  We returned in time to hang out a little bit longer then head on back home.

Once home, my husband had to rush off to his weekly show.  Oldest reminds me he wanted to go to youth group with his friend, the church is back half-way between MIL house & ours.  I check messages and middle has a last minute football practice and it's cold!  I load everyone back into the car, drop off oldest and then drive back toward home to drop off the quarter back.

I go park the car and muster up all the love of God I have to make myself have a good attitude!  I take my Bible study with me and accompany my younger middle to the toddler play ground so she can play with the toddler.  I completely ignore God telling me to turn around and check on my quarter back, thinking I was being paranoid.

Finally I decide to pack up a bit early and head over to the field where they are practicing.  I turn around and there is middle with the coach  Perfect timing! Except practice had been over for about 20 minutes! It's normally 1 hour long....of course tonight they decide to end early!!! Once we were out of earshot from the coach, he has a total melt down because he could not find us and was totally freaked out. 

We head home with a bit of time to serve ourselves dinner. Thank goodness for crock pots! I do a quick email check only to realize I had forgotten all about a freebie I was supposed to pick up earlier! A bread maker I have really been wanting. {sigh} I make a quick phone call to apologize and confirm I can get it tomorrow. I make myself a cup of tea that I desperately want to sit and enjoy.

Then it's back in the car to pick up oldest and take his friend home too.  Of course it's the toddler's bed time.  Well, it's everyone's bed time by now.  I shut the door before letting the dog back in--guess he's coming with us too. I regret not bringing my tea with me.  I pick up...and drop off...and head home.  Finally.  My tea is still nice and warm.  My soup--is cold.

It's the first time I've had, to actually sit and hear myself think all day.  It doesn't end though.  Oldest is talking to me, already planning for tomorrow.  I can't barely comprehend what he's saying. They don't wait for me to start our weekly show, that we normally enjoy together, on the dvr.  The sink is full of dishes.  I enjoyed my tea but I put too much honey.

Even though my bowl of soup is cold--wow--it was still really delicious.  I've never enjoyed a cold bowl of soup before.  I think that was grace.

What could I possibly complain about?

That I HAVE {delicious} food? That I HAVE 4 {amazing} children?  That I HAVE a {cozy} bed that I will collapse into tonight, more tired than usual?  That my kiddos HAVE opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities that they ENJOY? That I HAVE a {decent} car to run a gazillion errands with? 

I mean if this is as bad as my life could BLESSED am I?

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