Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tooth fairy Foibles?

My 10 yo just showed me a letter he wrote to the Tooth Fairy. (don't worry--my children aren't scarred because we entertain the "tooth fairy" around here--it's a fun *pretend* thing we do--we *pretend* she exists & we all know we are pretending! ) here it is:

Dear tooth fary my tooth came out to day but.....?  I lost another tooth a few weeks ago but I cant find it and I normally I get 2 dollers for my tooth so can you give me at least 4 dollers thank you =)

I am @ a loss on what to think about this but it sure did give me a really good laugh.
I love my kiddos.  They crack me up.


  1. My teeth never fell out on their own and had to be pulled. I think my mom gave me extra money for that reason, if I recall correctly. She felt bad about it.


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