Sunday, February 6, 2011

I swore I wouldn't....

be the person who suddenly has *nothing* to talk about but "school"....I don't want to suddenly complain about how many papers I need to write, or how many pages left of the research paper or how many finals I'm studying for...

But how about if I simply write about how much I LOVE school? period!

Because I DO! I LOVE it.  I mean, it's *school* yes--which conjures up so many negative connotations, doesn't it? But I sincerely love the mental stimulation.  I love being allowed to express ideas and opinions.  I love that, so far, my professors are open to ideas and thoughts, meaning they don't just want you regurgitating their ideas back to them. (well, not so far anyway)
My French professor, or French Canadian, still not sure, is so passionate and flexible in our discussions. I absolutely love her to bits! Seriously.  She repeats herself and once, while talking about the current issues in Egypt, she was speechless because she was struggling to express her emotion in English but could only think of the French word. I LOVE that!  

I love that class participation is an actual part of our grade, in most, if not all of my classes.

The male professor, well the verdict is still out on him, but so far, I am more and more impressed.  I think he really tries to appease the senses and various learning styles of his students, beyond just the text.  The other day he brought in water colors, markers and colored pencils so we could visually express a short story we had read.  I would have preferred using my words, because I am not artistic in that way, but I thought it was a fabulous teaching tool!

Even though I have to walk a minimum of 20 minutes to class (30 min on Thursdays), I am so grateful every day I am there. 

Now, I am realizing, to my own disappointment, that I tend to go into my "old shell"....flashback to my college days past! sigh.  I don't speak up enough, not sure why.  I am determined to change that and fall into that old 'comfort zone' of invisibility!!! Determined I tell ya'!  I'm still settling in so I give myself some grace, it's only been two weeks.  I think sometimes I forget I'm a participant...I'm in observation mode.  Maybe that is who I was before, just an observer for so long.....I have to keep reminding myself I'm HERE now...not just outside the window looking in.

It's like a very expensive book club. Ha! I LOVE it.
Oh! and I added Geography as a minor. swoon!

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