Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who's the parent here?

Parenting is not for the weak-kneed and faint of heart. I don't personally think it's "that hard" as in a "hard-labor" kind of way...but sure, it's challenging, like any endeavor worth taking on in life, right?

I want to focus on the selflessness that is *required* to be a parent though.  As the adult in the relationship--you take on a responsibility.  A baby can not care for itself.  You choose to have a child--you choose to forever be responsible for that child. 

The child is NOT responsible for YOU! Get that? NOT responsible for you.  The parent is responsible to care for the child. SO many times, parents get that wrong.  My child is not born to meet *my* needs.  How is that so hard to understand?  My child is not meant to take care of me.  I am meant and obligated to care for them.

What does that look like in real life? It means I am the one that has to make hard choices. It means I don't allow my kids to eat candy all day just so they will *like* me better...or because it shuts them up for the moment. 

Parents! It is your responsibility to do the research and find out how to properly feed your child if you do not know how.  It is our duty to learn how to raise children into self-respecting, God fearing, productive members of society.

If you have personal issues, see a therapist.  Do not bring your little ones, or not-so-little ones into your drama!! It literally pains me to see parents behave in such immature ways.  Oh, my kids won't talk to me--so forget it! whaaaa? Keep trying! You are the one who is supposed to put in the effort--not them!

Being the parent means putting away unnecessary guilt when my child tells me: 'you don't love or care about me, you just want me to do school work all day!', and instead calmly explaining to that child that it is BECAUSE I love them that I require them to finish their school work in a timely manner & that there WILL be consequences if it is not finished.

It means *I* ask the questions, *I* set boundaries, *I* determine 'privacy' rules in our home--NOT my 'children'! A parent finds out what is going on their children's lives by asking them, don't wait for them to tell you. Get involved. Ask questions. Make conversation before it's time for a "very special episode" of your life!

It's a sad day when children behave more grown up than the actual "grown-ups"!
If you want your kids to grow into self respecting & self-reliant adults--then ACT like one!

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