Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Massacre

Well, I guess it wasn't *that* bad...maybe? It does rank pretty high up there in terms of bad days...but we try to stay focused on the positive and the blessings of life, right? {sigh} For many, I know that this day is filled with such high expectations and leads to much disappointment, for others, it is a sad reminder of something they long for and don't have.  For me--I guess that is why I try to make it about *giving* love with no expectation of receiving.  I try to think of all those who really don't know love on this day and wonder how I can express a thought that you are loved, to others.

This year I was not on my game to organize anything, like a random Valentine give-away, to strangers. I was challenged in my own personal life to be more intentionally loving toward my family.  Those we live with on a daily basis, that know us at our worst and see us in our most weakened moments--I want to be sure I am showing my love toward them on a daily basis, not just one day out of the year.

Everyone says they love their families and it's easy to live up to that facade at church, but when you get home and the doors close, what happens? Often, the mask comes off, the smiles fade and there is pain and hurt and wounds and tears.  All families have them but some are worse than others.  I don't want to be one of those.  I want true and sincere love.

I want my children and family to *know* they are loved and I want them to have a tangible experience of that love here on earth within the safety of their family. 

Although our day went nothing like we expected or planned or even hoped, I tried really hard to express love.  I did that by making heart shaped chocolate chip cookies. I think *I* ate most of them. ;-)  I also included the ktbunch in decorating cup-cakes.  

For dinner, I purchased some frozen bread dough and then rolled it out and cut it into heart shaped pieces. Everyone then created their own, personalized, heart shaped pizza!  We even cut the pepperoni into heart shaped pieces. Everyone was involved, tensions were gone and we sat around the table and made the best of it--which is easy when there is pizza involved, right?  Plus the fact that it was very inexpensive!

I consider it Valentine's day *every* day in my heart. Really.  I leave most of my *V-day* themed decorations up all year too....they blend in since I decorate a lot with red anyway. ;-)  The very essence of God is missing in so many homes....that true, sincere, unconditional love.  I don't want to be a family that talks it but doesn't walk it.  

God has blessed me beyond measure and His personal sacrifice is not lost on me.  I don't take that for granted, especially when I know how I fail....the least I can do is try to give a glimpse of that love to others...and even more so my immediate family.

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