Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Passion for Fashion

I don't know WHAT I was thinking today!  Perhaps I was just tired of falling into the stereo-typical jeans and back-pack "student" uniform trap--which is akin to the stereo-typical jeans and diaper bag "stay-at-home-mom" uniform trap...or maybe it was the casual, long weekend over-flow....

But as I was getting ready for school today, I made a grave decision...one that I would not realize until it was way too late.  I planned on wearing this shirt dress (not the kind that are too long as a shirt but too short as a dress but one that was a decent & modest length) but realized it was a bit chilly so I threw on my standard jeans under it and planned on bringing my favorite long sweater.

I've mostly been wearing jeans to class, which is uncharacteristic of me because I really like skirts but it's cold when I get out in the early evening.  I don't really like this though because it makes me feel sloppy.  Add to that the brisk 20 minute walk I take to get to class and I arrive hot and almost sweaty which presents hair issues.  So I decided to wear it in a bun with a cute headband which was the only alternative I could think of to the "lazy-girl's-roll-out-of-bed-half-bun-half-pony-tail" or the "mom-with-a-few-extra-minutes-&-a-brush-pulled-back-pony-tail". 

Here's where it gets tricky; because I was wearing a spruced up headband (I keep dreaming some single, college girl with way more disposable income than mine will take notice & pay me right there on the spot for a OOAK "hand-made" head band with flair!) and a dress...I temporarily lost my mind (most likely due to the excessive number of heart-shaped, home-made-from-scratch, chocolate chip cookies I consumed this weekend) and chose to wear my cute, thick-heeled chanklas! Of course, it all looked great. *I* looked great. 

However, as soon as I parked my car....it was a death-by-cuteness moment.  That 20 minute walk, that consists of a gazillion campus stairs, glared ahead of me like grandma on a fixed income, at the day after Christmas sale at K-mart!

My chanklas betrayed me in a hot minute.  There was NO loyalty whatsoever.  I think my feet began to blister before I even got out of the car! I was filled with regret but what's a girl to do? Of course I was NOT going to give in & purchase a pair of over-priced, campus-logo'd flip-flops! Puuhhllleeeze!
Like any self-respecting (but cute) fashionista, I was gonna stand tall (they had a 3 inch heel), and ignore my screaming feet and forge ahead.

But let me tell you--in case I am ever taken over by a moment of holiday-sugar-of-love-induced-insanity...I am going to carry an extra pair of trusty FLIP-FLOPS in my car at ALL times! 

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