Monday, May 23, 2011

Graduation Day!

Of course I can say I can't believe it....but I can. I have imagined this day since my oldest was in Kindergarten. I'm not exaggerating.  The initial home-school group we started with held a promotion night every year. It was sort of like a talent show & I loved everything about it.  The children would perform and also they would set up a table with samples of their work and projects they had worked on through out the year. Eventually there were finally a few graduates....I adored how the parents were able to hand them their diplomas and say something meaningful and personal about their own graduate.
Since the first time I witnessed that, I imagined when that day would come for my own graduate and what I would say....

I realize that keeping my mind focused on the end, imagining this day, all these years, helped me to keep on this educational path. I knew it was something I wanted for my children (at that time, *child*) and considered it the best educational choice for our family.  Although, it turned out to be so much more than that. My son was able to experience many unique educational experiences and opportunities, for sure. More than that though, was the benefit to our familial relationships. We had our share of family trauma and crisis and I can't imagine any better way to have handled it than to actually BE together for the moments of tears, disappointments, prayers & comfort.
Isn't that what family is for?
And all the more the amount of time we were able to share in laughter, joy, discovery and sunshine!
I can't imagine missing those moments and accomplishments.

It was such a special day. We had to get up really early because the actual ceremony was being held at a location an hour away. We then came home and had a celebration party. Most of our guests were close family and a few close friends. A dear friend, Sharon, made most of the food & it was delicious! My mother-in-love also made her yummy potato salad. I cooked some meatballs and made fruit skewers. Which, by the way, look so impressive but are super easy....why didn't I ever make them before? 

Admittedly, there were a few moments I wanted to give up & 'threatened' outside school. haha! But knowing, in my heart, this was the best choice, I usually came to my senses quickly.
It has been a pleasure and joy to see my tiny preemie grow to be a fine young man that values God, family and the beauty that surrounds each day.
I didn't even cry during the ceremony or anything. I was too excited and happy for him to mourn the loss of his childhood. Maybe it's because I know that we haven't lost anything. I have been there for him and the rest of my family for all the greatest moments and have no regrets. We have so many wonderful memories we can look back on and laugh about.
Yes, the time has passed quickly but I took advantage of that time by keeping our family at home and together.
One of the best parenting decisions I've ever made.
Praise God!
Oh & yes...he can read and write too. ;-)

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