Friday, June 10, 2011

Be still my heart

We were out and about today & Birdy begins telling me when she grows up she wants to decorate with "vintage" items. I am fairly certain she has no idea what that word *really* means. I get all excited and tell her we can start decorating her room in vintage style. She adds that she also wants to start collecting (wearing?) vintage clothes. Swoon!?! 

Well, what era of 'vintage', I ask....50's vintage, like our oven? or 70's vintage which is hippie clothing? She has no idea. I tell her we can start looking for clothes at the thrift store, probably adult clothes but I can alter them to fit her. But she doesn't want to alter them because she wants them *original*. How will she wear them? Well, she will wear them when she is an adult.

I try to describe the various fashion eras and she decides 50's vintage and she tells me that is the style of clothing she wants--but only to hang in her closet to wear on *special occasions*. (I am so suspicious of this sudden interest) I tell her we can start decorating her room...go yard saling, thrift store shopping...I have the perfect little side table on the porch that was curb-crawled that we can paint & it will look fabUUUUUlous! She's totally digging it....I think.

Sammy just about dies as she utters words of childhood blasphemy: she says she wants to also start collecting vintage toys--getting RID of all her 'newer' toys. Sam is beside himself--he just can't believe she would think much less SAY such a thing! I'm pretty sure this is considered treason in child social circles. 

She is serious though. She wants to color her room brown and gray because she thinks those colors are 'vintage' colors. Oh don't worry, we'll change that. But oh....I see some major mother-daughter bonding in our future. Seriously.

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