Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DIY Deodorant

All you need are two simple ingredients to create your own deodorant for super cheap! Tea Tree Oil (found @ Walgreens) and Baking soda--found anywhere else (local grocery store should be the cheapest place).  Really that's it.

Otherwise this is the recipe:
1/2 cup of baking soda
3 drops of TTO
Mix with spoon. 
How do you use it you wonder? Because you are so used to store bought, white solid bars of chemicals and crazy additives that are suspected cancer irritants? (there isn't any real evidence linking deodorant use to cancer but there have been studies linking the use of deodorants & antiperspirants to increased risk of Alzheimers)You simply dip your fingers in the powder and apply to your underarms. If you prefer something more traditional but still safe, you can add the coconut oil until it is a paste and even put it into your old, empty deodorant container. Store it in the fridge to remain in a solid form.  You can also add various essential oils to fragrance it like lemon or orange or lavender, whatever you prefer.  That does raise the cost factor a bit but what is cost when you smell good, right?

Why does it work?
Well, we all know baking soda absorbs odors right? That is why one of the most commonly recommended uses for it is to stick it in the fridge to absorb odors and help prevent freezer burn flavored food. (or you could just keep your fridge clean) The TTO is naturally antibacterial. Odor is caused by bacteria under the arms.  Sweating doesn't produce odor on it's own, if your body is clean and you sweat, you don't smell bad, you just smell like sweat. After awhile though, bacteria forms and *that* is what begins to cause what is commonly referred to as 'body odor'.

If you are not used to going au naturel', it might take a week or so for your body chemistry to adjust and get used to working the way it's supposed to. Which means sweating like your supposed to and not because you've been telling your body not to sweat, no matter what you are doing, when you wipe on that artificial chemical laden deodorant. Truly.

The TTO is not particularly cheap when you first purchase it. But it has tons of uses and is well worth the initial investment cost. For this 'recipe' you only use but a few drops.  Most other uses of it are only a few drops at a time as well.

A small box of baking soda can be purchased for around $.60 on average.
The total cost for this is less than a dollar and pennies per use. I don't think it can get any cheaper than that. I tried using baking soda alone, it was ok but the addition of TTO knocks any *hint* of odor right out!

I've been using this 'recipe' for a few months now and it works fabulous! No odors--trust me I checked. ;-)

Oh and btw: you can brush your teeth with this too. If you are so inclined. 

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