Saturday, June 18, 2011

Liberty turns 9!

The day started out looking gloomy & cold.
It was opening day for baseball season for Sammy so we headed to the park first thing. They introduced all the teams and then had a big free carnival filled with jumpers, rock climbing, mechanical bull and various community booths representing the Sheriffs, SEACCA (Boo!) & other various organizations.
The boys had fun checking out the SWAT police and riot gear while Birdy and Kurtis enjoyed petting the police horse.  It warmed up quickly by the time we took a short ride on the little train and then headed home.
The middles changed real quick and then we were off to the dance studio for their concert pictures.
The husband had an evening job and Ern went to the movies.

We loaded up the bikes and headed to the beach for a bike ride.  We met my brother "Uncle Ephraim" & "Auntie Nancy" & the cousins there and even my dad came along. We rode about 5 miles at least and grandpa treated everyone to an Ice Cream @ Shoreline Village. Liberty was treated to two scoops since she was the birthday girl. The weather could not be better.

Auntie Nancy had made a cake and we decided to start up the bonfire back at home. That turned into roasting hot dogs and making s'mores in the back yard. Yum!

It turned out to be a really pleasant day.
Happy Birthday Liberty!

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