Monday, June 13, 2011

Take a hike!

We took a hike today.  We wanted to try and find a sunken ship that is supposed to be along this 'trail'. However, we couldn't find it and the hike was much harder than we anticipated. Which made it all the more adventurous for the middles, of course. 

The base of the cliff we shimmied down, was all rocks.  Strewn across the rocks were piles of dead seaweed, infested with flies. So many you could hear them swarming. So gross and disgusting.

The hike was a challenge for sure and there weren't even any tide pools to investigate. Trying to get back up the cliff...whew! What a work out. The weather was fabulous though. Not too hot, breezy clear. Even when adventures aren't what you expect, they are still adventures. 

Bonding moments along threads of memories. These are moments that build families.

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