Sunday, June 5, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

Whew! Some weekends are just like that, right?

Friday night was our church's Marriage Group Launch Party.  Saturday was packed--so packed we had to decline a few events we really wanted to attend.  Normally I like to keep weekend events & obligations to ONE event. Honest. First come first served, whoever invites first gets our attendance.  We aren't particularly popular or anything, but between our own children's activities and a birthday or two & whew! Overwhelming-ville becomes our new place of residence.

This weekend however, all the events were important AND family related.
Saturday we slept in a bit, well at least *I* did, my husband woke up early and headed out to play tennis. I dropped oldest off at the art studio to set up for his art show later that afternoon. Sammy got a last minute call, the night before, for baseball practice, his first coach meeting, which of course ran late.  I'm sure if we had had no other plans, it would have ended within 20 minutes! Husband took him and when they finally got home we rushed over to our twin nephews 1st birthday party.  We ate and stayed long enough for cake then we rushed off to oldest art show.

While the rest of us hung out & eyed the student's artwork, my *wonderful* husband went and put gas in my car & rent the movie for our monthly scheduled Chick Flix choice. Again, of course, the video store *didn't* have the movie!!! Whaaaaaaaaat!!

After the art show we rushed home & I rushed to Target to see if I could find it & just purchase it. Nope! They didn't even sell it either. SO I had to make an executive decision and purchase something somewhat similar. Then arrive @ the hostess home nearly an hour late.

It worked out since dinner was just finished baking & OH was it delicious & such a welcome moment to finally SIT and relax & enjoy the best roast beef sandwich I've ever eaten! I don't usually like roast beef. Apparently I needed to eat it warm w/ melted cheese & slightly crunchy, oven toasted, bread all this time--who knew!?!

Sunday morning was spent at church as usual. Later we headed over to my brother's home to celebrate my dad & aunt's birthdays. The ktbunch loves hanging out w/ their cousins. They had plenty of fun running around the back yard, swinging on the tire swing (& hitting the trunk of the tree it was hanging from!), eating hot dogs, fresh strawberries dipped in yogurt then brown sugar, cake & ice cream! Can you say Yum? 

Oh & trying on these giant sticky mustaches in various silly & absolutely, adorably FUN looking kids are these?

Finally, ended our evening back at church then home, where I filled in a daily *to-do* chart for my middles.  Not only does it include chores & various tasks such as taking out the trash, practicing violin & reading but other weekly scheduled events like library day & beach day. Also extra fun daily activities like riding their bikes!

I am seriously looking forward to Monday morning was your weekend?

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