Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reaching out...

Recently I noticed that one of my neighbors, whom I don't know that well at all, did not look well. One night she was even taken away in an ambulance. I don't even know her name...I'm sure we exchanged names once but I certainly don't remember it. We're cordial & wave hello & goodbye occasionally if we see each other. And I know she has an adorable super-mini (teacup?) chihuahua!

Knowing she was ill, I suspected cancer, I felt compelled to reach out to her in some way & convicted that I'd never done it sooner. Saturday was the day.  I had no idea how to even approach the situation but I knew I could take fresh home made muffins over....at the very least. No one would turn that away right? Especially w/ a delicious crumb topping.

Everything in my mind gave me every excuse to NOT go: what if they are not home, or think I'm weird cause I don't really know them, what if they think I'm silly taking muffins--& not even enough for everyone? & a million other logical excuses...BUT my heart & my Spirit urged me on to *just do it*!

I thought a card would be appropriate--I have no idea what to write? I can't even remember her name good grief! Praying for you? is that trite if one might be terminal? Or hey--I can't remember your name but here's a couple random muffins!?! arg.

It didn't really look like anyone was home so I almost convinced myself to chicken out...it's a long walk across a residential street when your a bundle of insecure nerves...I said a quick prayer for boldness & willingness to be a blessing & thinking it absolutely ridiculous. I knocked lightly on the door & waited.....& waited...& waited...just as I bent down, considering leaving the muffins on the porch--I saw an interior shadow.

She actually answered the door & I nervously spoke too fast I'm pretty sure & let her know I wanted to give her some muffins....turns out she does have cancer, breast cancer, she says it's aggressive.  She had one surgery to remove one infected breast but she says she knows it's in the other breast too. She had a bandanna on her head due to her chemo-hair loss and so far she's had 3 week intervals between treatments but in a few weeks will begin weekly treatments, which she does have some concern about because she already feels pretty wiped out w/ the every 3 week schedule. She was extremely gracious to me, invited me in & probably would have made me lunch or something had I stayed--& here I am trying to bless her! A very large picture of Jesus adorned one of her walls & she mentioned she prayed to the Lord...

I left feeling so relieved & wondered why I was so afraid. It's beyond ridiculous really. I think she was blessed, or she could have just been being nice & hospitable--it is possible I interrupted her nap...but I felt so blessed myself, afterward. I think doing good works like that...doesn't it?

It was also pretty easy & simple really. I put 4 fresh, home made muffins in 2 cute snack bags, & attached a ceramic bird ornament I stocked up on @ the after Christmas clearance, and a card that did say simply: thinking of you. Easy peasy. I let her know if she needed anything, let me know. I don't expect her too, most people don't. And I let her know I'd check in on her regularly. I will too!

What I learned was to NOT be afraid & over think these things....& NOT to wait so long to get to know your neighbors. Just bake them some muffins or something, go on over & introduce yourself....& if God tells you to do something, stop making excuses & just do it!!! If you see someone who might need a blessing--give them one or figure out a way to!

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