Thursday, September 1, 2011

First week of school for me.

Can't keep track of my book bargains, which ones have I ordered? Where should I buy it from? Does anyone have this book? Assignments due the first week. Writing sample due and approved. Prerequisites taken concurrently. Figure out a reliable and safe bike route. Determine a wardrobe that accommodates riding my bike to school. Navigate the pedestrian and auto traffic. Where's the bike rack closest to my class? Finagle a roomier bag that can hold my books and tennis shoes. Check up on my graduation status. Kindle? Electronic books? Did someone mention breakfast? Lunch? When? Do I know anyone in my classes? Bangs. Hairband. Sunscreen. Remember names. Classrooms. Time. What time is it? Wake up early. Go to bed late. Desks too close together, no leg room. Where am I going? How long have I been awake? What day is it? 3 days in. 4 days in. Not dropping. Do I recognize that kid from somewhere? Toddler woke up early. Did Birdy get her math done? Why hasn't the dog poo been picked up for 5 days? Where are my flip flops? I need to wear shoes. Make-up? No make-up? Does it really matter if I wear blush? Mascara is a necessity. Shower? morning or night? Why did I get bangs? Sweat dripping down my face. My sunglasses broke. Get a new pair. Price has gone up. Free printing at the library. Bring 5 copies. Bring 25 copies. Forget the copies. Find the lab. Make a report. What's a lab report? Absent minded professor. Long lines. Feel dizzy. Crying for no reason. Dehydrated. Not enough opportunities to use all my words. Have nothing to write. Drive to LA. Audition. Move quickly. People waiting. Rush. Slow down. Slam on the brakes. Sit in the sun. Respond to email. Send email. Email professor. Do I know you? Breathe. Don't forget to breathe! Nail biting is back. read this text. Find this story. What is a scene? Dialogue. Edit. Condense. Be efficient. Waste time. Focus. Hug. Yep. Return library books. Tea.

Welcome back.

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