Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"It was a Barf-O-ramaaaa!"

Remember that line from Goonies? It was the first thing that came to mind to describe the night I had. My pleasant dream took a strange twist when I heard: "Guh" and a splatter, "Guh" and a splatter, then one more "Guh" and splatter. I was awakened by the Mr.'s voice, "S are you okay?" I wasn't dreaming. The sounds I heard were vomit being sprayed all through my hallway. Thank goodness for wood floors!

S threw up three times before he made it the six feet to the bathroom. Then he threw up some more when he did make it. The Mr. got up and I wished I could pretend I was sleeping through it....It seems the farther and farther the kiddos get from the infant spitting up & diapers stage--the weaker my stomach gets. My abdomen knotted as I walked in the hallway and began to gag. I left the scene to grab the vinegar and began pouring it all over the floor. That was much better. I can handle the scent of a natural fluid like vinegar!

The Mr. and I tag teamed and worked effectively at wiping up everything with out having to actually touch anything by using our feet. It pretty much required using half the load of freshly washed towels and a bunch of old cloth diapers. I prayed that no one else would get sick. Please!!! Figured I'd clean the toilet before I left for school in the morning.

S took to the couch--I guess he wanted to have a quick escape route, just in case. I fell back into bed and the Mr. was already asleep. I don't know HOW he does that so fast! What felt like a minute later but was actually 45, I was awakened by the sounds of more vomiting.I thought it was S again & figured he didn't really need any help this time since he made it to the restroom, right?

Then I felt guilty and got up to realize it was Birdy! ugh. Poor girl was vomiting into the still vomit splattered toilet from the previous user. I made sure she didn't touch a thing and put her hair back in a rubber band. The second load of towels had just finished from the dryer and I was able to wrap her weak and shaky body in the warmth of a fresh one. I laid one over S in the living room and took one to bed myself. I prayed the toddler, or any of the rest of us, wouldn't get sick!

Before I knew it, the alarm was going off. I got up to get my assignments together and realized there was just NO way I was going to make it the 8 miles to school on my bike this morning.  The Mr. had a job today and wouldn't be home, two vomiting middles and a toddler were no match for oldest alone. I felt panicked at the thought of missing school--especially when I had assignments due. It's a hard call for a normally straight A student! I felt like I needed to email all my professors and make special arrangements to turn in my work--then I realized they expect an absence here and there and late work is accepted, if even for a lowered grade. duh! One day wouldn't kill anyone.

Besides that, these kiddos, they are my priority, above all else. I just couldn't leave them like that, feeling so sick. I didn't even want to. I wanted them to know that and feel that. I will be here, when they need me. They are important.

The Mr. left and I stayed in bed, the toddler joined me and fell back to sleep. Birdy woke up dry heaving and S used the towel I had laid over him. It was a long day and I got a lot of laundry done.

Sometimes....it's like that.

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