Friday, September 30, 2011

Off to the Fair!

Family picture time. I don't know about you--but doesn't this just SCREAM "Christmas card"? I totally agree! 

We love these things...can you tell? K especially, would jump out of the stroller every chance he had, to stick his face in a cut out and get his pic snapped. There were more, we didn't even get them all. Maybe that can be our goal next year, to get a pic with *every* face cut-out 'thing'. I have a few pix from years back with each of my kiddos faces in that big tomato head.

It was different for us this year. Last year we mainly stayed in the children's section with the farm animals and participated in all the old time crafts.  We were introduced to needle felting at the fair last year and saw the same demonstrator this year. He is a nice man and does amazing work with felt and needles. This time we didn't spend much time in this section. 

There was SO much to do and see but unfortunately the place is so big we did not realize most of it until we were already on our way out. Regardless, we still had so much FUN this year. 

S was brave enough to ride a mechanical bull! It was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. By the end, we were all in tears from laughing so hard. We can't stop watching the video of it, over and over.

We were mesmerized by amazing arial trapeze artists. These women were so strong, holding themselves up by their arms or legs on a long, dramatic red ribbon, swirling and twirling.

We enjoyed an old-time inspired acrobatic show that included a high wire walker and women that danced with flaming candle sticks.

We laughed in shock when we took off for an elephant ride! You don't realize how high off the ground you really are until the elephant begins walking away. It was Birdy, S, the toddler and myself. 

I even scored a new hat for myself, since it turned out to be really warm. The weather was nice but unexpected.

The Mr. was primarily in the mood to embrace all the crazy, deep-fried foods the fair had to offer. he was moderate about it in the end but he did get one treat.....

The whole family was able to enter for free since it was a field trip. They said we were going to have to pay for parking but we didn't.

We had a fabulous day.

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