Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Book Tree

Hey! SO this is not one of those blogs that offers nearly professional pix of their home via a blog tour. Ok, just in case you don't know me and were expecting better. :-) I probably won't even have all my Christmas decorations up until the actual day of Christmas. haHA! I'll post along as I get things up, though.

We've done something different nearly every year, as far as getting a tree goes. When the Mr. and I were first married, we didn't even have our own place, so we didn't have our own tree. Once we did have our own place, we began a tradition of not getting our tree until as late in December as possible. We'd look for the most rejected looking, Charlie Brownish tree and purchase that one.

For the past few years we've gotten our tree earlier and earlier and bigger and bigger. Many years I'd cringe at the prices of trees--knowing I could get another gift or two for the same price. We always lucked out somehow. One year we randomly got a tree for free from a friend. That may have even happened more than once. Funny, I remember the same thing happening when I was little. My parents took us on a long drive to some random lot and guys were loading trees off big trucks. I got the impression it was a church group or something...but the tree was free. I don't know how they heard about it, a friend told them I think.

I cannot find the source for this pic (I saw it on facebook) but here is a link to another book tree post with tips if you are interested in creating your own.

The other day I saw a picture of this Christmas book tree. It was a tree made from books stacked on top of each other. Of course the pic I saw looked fabulous. All the books were hard back with lovely spines and they all seemed to be the exact same size.  I thought it was absolutely, fabulous! Ingenius!! So inspired by the pic above, I decided to go for it.

Today we committed to give it a try for our own home. I wasn't sure when we would get a tree and  not even sure I wanted to. (I'm not a scrooge--just wasn't sure I wanted to spend $$$ on something so unnecessary that we really don't even have room for)

Oldest helped me the most, aesthetically speaking, while Birdy helped gather books. We began stacking...and stacking...and stacking. Finally, it looked satisfactory enough. We added the angel on top, lights and a few ornaments. (ones that can take a fall, if it happens) I think we did a pretty good job on this 'knock-off' book tree.

We didn't have enough books to go any higher, but it worked out. I really like it. So...I think we'll keep it this season. ;-) ETA: The Mr. told me later he thought it was really cool! Cooler than he thought it was going to be.

We've got our house lights up too, compliments to oldest and a featured guest, his friend Ian. Last year, after Christmas I hit the clearance and purchased a ton for ridiculously cheap....which have been hanging in our back yard for the past year. I think I will have to get more *after Christmas* for next year, again.  Personally, I say, you can never have too many lights.

So *these guys* thought it would be so cool to put "NO U" on our roof. Why not "LOL"? Funny guys!

What do you think.....more lights? 

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  1. What a creative idea! It looks really cool!


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