Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What I wore: Christmas Edition

We were at the mall on Christmas Eve (highly unusual, I promise!) and I ran into a little store that sells super fancy dresses. The type you wear as a bridesmaid, to a prom, or some other super fancy event that I would have very little experience with! The reason I ran into the store was because I knew they had tubs and tubs and tubs full of scarves for only $1 and they would make great little gifts, right?

What I didn't know is that they would also have racks and racks and more racks of rock bottom priced semi-formal dresses. Prices like floor length gowns for $20, shorter ones for $15 and even $10! I'm not exaggerating. I couldn't help but take a look.

They had a paper sign that said no trying on the dresses allowed but the two women who were working, graciously allowed me to try on two I found. One was sized XS but it looked like the size was not really accurate and demanded a try on to be sure.

It was all black lace with pale pink taffeta under. it was a modest length and not strapless. Well, it seemed like it could fit except the taffeta portion was extremely tight across my hips even though the outer lace was loose. I figured the ill fitting sizing was probably the reason for it being so cheap. I couldn't pass up the deal though and decided to get it anyway...even though I also couldn't zip it up on my own either.

When I got home I went to work....I let out the extra seam along the sides and it afforded me about half to an extra inch of extra width. The fabric promptly shredded all along one side. I had a back up plan though; I knew I had a nice vintage looking black slip that I could wear under. The scalloped top of it stuck out beyond the bodice and looked perfectly made for the dress.

Once I got it on and oldest and the Mr. finally got it zipped up--it fit but the zipper stuck in a specific spot....I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the entire taffeta out from the waste down!

I accessorized with pink necklace I already owned and have had for years + hand-me-down earrings my daughter gave me i love her. ( I just stepped away from my laptop & my daughter had typed the end of that last sentence) I covered with that black lacy shawl you see in the pic above. It has sparkly gold strands in it. It was my mom's and my grandmother made it for her to wear to a dance in high school! I got quite a few compliments on it that evening. I also wore a pair of cute, thrift store black heels that are accented with pink thread that I already had.

Dress: $10
jewelry: owned for years
shoes: thrifted $5
shawl: inherited
slip: hand-me-down

Don't be afraid to try and alter clothing items when you know it's a bargain, especially if it's a STEAL! Think creatively....initially I thought I was going to *sew* the slip into the dress, but I didn't even need to sew anything after all, which was not only a time saver but I can still use the slip with something else!

OH! And the other dress? A fabulous fifties looking thing that I can't wait to have an occasion to don. The entire bodice is gathered then it flares at the waist with a bit of poof and it's calf length. I need to do something to the top of it cause it looks like something a 17 year old would wear to her 1952 prom! I don't even own a pair of elbow length gloves! :-)

*sorry for the state of these pix...had to be taken indoors w/ horrible lighting via camera phone cause our regular camera is on the fritz!

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  1. OMG KT, I love this, posting how you put together the whole outfit, using your creative skills and your eye for fashion! You *look* like a million bucks! Way to go!!!!!!


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