Monday, January 9, 2012

More or less

Some people start off the new year with goals and resolutions to get done and accomplish. Some start off with a verse for the year. Some even claim just one word as their year long theme.

I reflected and meditated about all those things and none of them 'hit the spot'. I just wasn't feeling it. What I WAS feeling though, what kept coming back to me was this idea of giving.

Giving beyond what I am or think I am capable of giving. Limiting myself. Along with this idea of giving were two statements...two statements that kept returning to my thoughts, two statements that I fashioned into a prayer.

Therefore, what I have is a prayer.
A prayer for my year.
From my heart.

Less of what I want and More of what I need.

That is my prayer for myself for the year.

I know I am blessed beyond measure, especially materially. It's America for goodness sakes. I want to put myself more fully into the hands of God and trust Him to supply my needs instead of relying on myself or other outside forces.

The idea of having limited giving, of oneself or resources, primarily out of fear, in my opinion. Fear of being taken for granted, taken advantage of, committing and not being able to follow through, getting burnt out...etc.

But what if I said yes more and then relied on God to provide the HOW and way to produce that "yes".

What if I reduced my "wants" not only to my idea of what I need but to what God thinks I need. I am excited to see what happens.

So I will continue to pray this heartfelt prayer and hopefully report back...

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