Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wonder what will happen next week?

Last week after church, we ended up staying later than expected. A young man (mid twenties?) was having some sort of emotional/mental breakdown and was basically throwing an adult temper tantrum. He was laying down in the middle of the parking lot screaming and cursing at God. By the time we were leaving, he was lying in the middle of the street. We didn't feel comfortable leaving him so we stayed to see if we could assist other members of our church with him.

Mostly everyone was older than him so I thought it might be more effective if oldest approached him being closer to his age. Oldest was able to get him out of the street and onto the sidewalk...with everyone's assistance & persistent love. That was New Year's day, of course.

This week, the Mr. and I were leaving immediately after service because he had an appointment. Just as we were about to cross the first intersection home, making a left turn, a mini-truck ran the red light and barreled through the intersection! If we had rolled a few more feet forward....

He collided with another van crossing, then fishtailed into the center divider then toward the other direction toward a bus stop before coming to a halt. It was so fast I must've blinked or something and missed the initial impact but witnessed everything after that.

 (If you look closely, you can see me talking to the driver)

We pulled forward, parked and divided to check on each driver. I headed toward the van, car and driver sitting stunned in the middle of the intersection, front bumper ripped off and head light guts hanging out. He showed no outward signs of injury but was visibly shaken, like anyone would be. I assured him it was not his fault and he was ok, made small talk to help take his mind off the situation and calm his nerves..

Then I did something I often think of doing but never act upon. I offered to pray over him. He gratefully accepted. Nothing fancy, prayers for peace over him and the situation, against stress etc.

There was an ambulance stopped at the light, they pulled over to check on both drivers. The Mr. reported he suspected the other driver may have been drunk. The police arrived soon after and there were lots of pedestrian witnesses as well.

Everything was so undeniably, perfectly timed, to exact seconds and moments and inches and feet. Any changes in any direction....would have produced an extremely different scenario. {shudder}

I can only imagine what *next week* will bring after church!

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  1. Wow, the verse, "God is not the author of confusion," comes to mind when i read this!! Glad you and the family are okay!!


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