Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Art Classes

My middles take art classes every Friday. (same place oldest teaches at.)

I love their staff & they produce some really great pieces. Recently the studio did an installation using tulips--they had one pic of a tulip & each child was encouraged to produce their version of the tulip, making it individualized & unique. Now the studio has all the various tulips on display.

Sam's (11 yo) I think this was his first time w/ oil pastel.

Birdy's (9 yo) chalk pastel

I really love this one Birdy brought home Friday: cake watercolor.

Sam like to individualize animals: cake watercolor

The children choose their own pictures that they want to do and then they are encouraged to personalize their picture with their own color choices and add personal details. Birdy's picture of the crane above is originally in black and white, she chose the color combination herself.

We are so blessed to be able to utilize these art classes and to have found such a great studio. I love it.

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