Saturday, February 18, 2012

February Women's Workshop

Today I led an afternoon tea/workshop for the ladies at church. We had a lovely time. I lead the ladies through various, thought provoking exercises. The exercises challenge the ladies to take a present, past and future look at their current lives. I always receive positive feedback when I host these events and today was no different.

A friend, Debi opened up her home. We were in her backyard actually, which is lovely. She has a sweet garden and set up tables for everyone to sit at and enjoy their lunch..Each woman contributed to the menu, providing quite a variety of delicious foods.

I brought my own supplies, as usual. We did collage and writing exercises. I closed the afternoon with a blessing prayer. I've been blessed to lead this workshop for Christian and secular groups with positive results each time.

I love these women. They are so amazing! They love the Lord and seek to listen to His voice and sincerely do His will. I am so grateful for their friendship. They have taught *me* so much.

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