Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It has been SUCH a peaceful day today. (completely different from *yesterday* which was one frustrating situation after another!) Today was my early day. Got up & got ready, baked a light breakfast for the kiddos and was on my way to school. It was scheduled to rain...it looked like it was going to pour at any moment but it only lightly drizzled. It was perfect homemade scarf weather!

My first class is my creative non-fiction class and I really love the professor. Just adore her. She runs her class so well. It's always a bonus when you have classmates who are great writers as well. In between classes I have been utilizing the campus rec center. It's awesome and such a great perk. I wish I could have used it sooner...it just never worked out with my schedule.

This semester though, I have one and two hours breaks between classes each day. Today was my one hour break. I've only been using the indoor track but it's enough for now. I try to rush on over since I only have an hour and the time passes quickly. I've gone back to actual running, even though it's a super short distance, only a mile. I don't have time for more since it takes me about 10 minutes to just GET to the rec center, then I have to change, load up my locker, stretch a little then run. A little time after to stretch and cool down, then back to the locker room to change and then back across campus to class. Which by the way, have I mentioned HOW MANY stairs this campus has? Remind me again WHO's idea it was to build a university ON a HILL? haha.

The rec center is filled with various work out machines, ellipticals, stair climbers, treadmills, stationary bikes, free weights and weight machines as well as other various pieces of work out equipment. Maybe one of these days I will climb on something and get busy. haha. For now though, I simply use the track.

Today when I left the rec center--I was greeted by very cool, fresh air. It felt so refreshing. I was still warm so it wasn't even cold but refreshing. It made me smile. Then, right before I got to class I ran into a classmate from last semester. She was one I had hoped to see in class this semester but haven't. I was happy to run into her. I hope I see her again--before graduation!

My second Tuesday class is a little frustrating to me. I am having a better attitude about it though. It's only 12.5 weeks more to endure and do well. Then the great CELEBRATION.

I keep my eye on that GRADUATION prize. I am so excited!!!

After class, I walk to my bike, ride it to my car, then I am on my way home. Yep. I use three modes of transportation, at once, to get to school. That makes me laugh.

Home was peaceful. Middles had their school work finished, the living room was tidy and they were watching this very addictive series on Netflix. Everyone was calm in their spirits and that was nice and relaxing.

I already had dinner planned so it was easy to produce with enough left overs for tomorrow's lunch.

I hope this fresh peace will continue.

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