Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Murky Water

A few weeks ago I dreamt I was at a beach, along a jetty (is that what it's called, where all the rocks jut out?) and we wanted to go swimming. Except the water was very murky, which we thought was caused by it being dirty. We were disappointed that we could not go in.  We climbed up to the top of the rocks and as we looked down into the water, now farther away from it we were able to see farther and wider than when we were close.

We could see the various shades of light and dark according to the depth of the water as the light shone down. We could see sea life; plants and animals clearly. The deeper parts of the water were the darkest. We realized the water wasn't dirty after all and was safe to swim in. It was simply dark  and murky where we had been up close to it.

That is how life is sometimes. If we only look at our life through the lens of a specific situation, it may seem unclear and unpassable. Hopeless.

If we step back and look at our life as a whole, as the big picture, we can see that there is beauty in every aspect. There may be darker areas, sure. It doesn't mean that we can't jump in, it only means it's darker...usually that indicates the water is deeper--not necessarily 'dirty'.

If your are facing obstacles or trials in your life, try to step back and view the situation in reference to the your entire life, the 'big picture'. Change your perspective and see if the answers do not become CLEAR.

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