Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

A friend from church was kind enough to take this lovely picture of my ktbunch & I this morning. My grandma got me that sweater for my birthday. I love it, the color is gorgeous. I think it's my new favorite. She also gave me a maxi-dress in the same turquoise hue.

Oldest was sweet enough to gift me with a Starbucks card. This is great because we have a SB right down the street. At church Birdy, Kurtis & Sammy decorated mini-cupcakes for me. Yum! A sweet woman at church gifted all the mothers with a lovely plant w/ petite purple flowers on it. Birdy and I made flower hair clips to give all the ladies/mothers at church too. One of my dear sweet friends gifted me with a pair of new mugs and some fancy tea & cocoa fixins! She knows me too well. She also included a lovely cookbook by Maya Angelou that contains personal antidotes and reflections. I am truly blessed and grateful to have such a thoughtful friend.

Pastor singled me out for an encouraging word and that is always nice to hear.

Later we went to my dad's house and my sister-in-love made a simple meal of baked chicken and tri-tip with rice. I baked brownies! ;-) They also gifted me w/ a lovely charm necklace. It has three charms on it, a metal rectangle engraved w/ the word Love, a circle with the cut-out of a tree and a pink swarvosky heart. It's my new favorite piece of jewelry.

I finally got my broken tooth pulled on Friday and I realized a little too late that epinephrine and I do NOT get along well at all. I spent the past two days crying, virtually NON-STOP! Seriously. It's in the anesthetic they inject into my mouth, gums, and jaw. The immediate effects it has, is to make my body shake uncontrollably as if I am freezing. Then I began to feel very fearful, anxious and emotional to the point of tears. The 'oral-surgery' itself was painless. It's bad enough the idea of getting dental work provokes anxiety but add the drug side effects and I'm over the top! Sunday was a relief to not feel like a crazy person anymore.

The weather was nice and gorgeous. It was a very relaxing and pleasant, low-key day for sure. I am so blessed to be a mother to four amazing people I can call my children.

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