Friday, July 20, 2012

Lessons from a Big Toe

"Vanity, vanity, thy name is Vanity."

I injured my toe in May and the toenail blistered underneath and eventually became unattached underneath except around the edges. Just in time for summer flip-flop season!

Well, I certainly didn't want to take the toenail off & have my toe look gross for summer. Who wants that?

So I left it on since it was still attached on the edges. It didn't look like it was growing back and began to get discolored. I was still too afraid to take it off though. I even super glued it so I could avoid the risk of it getting caught on something and lifting up and causing pain.

Eventually, I knew I really needed to take it off because sand and water from the beach were getting trapped under the toenail.  I didn't really want to...vain, I know. I admit it.

After I finally removed the toenail--guess what I found? A brand new toe nail underneath half way grown out. If I had waited any longer, I probably would have damaged the new growth by all the water being trapped under the original toe nail.

We handle our lives like that, sometimes, don't we? We are so afraid of being *exposed* & we worry about people seeing what's underneath. So we keep the pretty brokenness on as a cover.

We are afraid of what people may think of what is truly underneath it all.  By continuing to try and cover-up--we actually do more damage. We hinder the new growth! Also, if we can let go of our fear--we will realize that what is underneath really isn't all that bad. It's something completely NEW!

So stop trying to cover up who you are underneath. Let go of the 'fake' already. And trust me...what's underneath, really won't look as bad as you think!

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