Saturday, July 14, 2012

On the Seventh day...

God asked the Israelites, under the leader ship of Joshua, to march 7x around the city of Jericho. For each of the six days prior, he had asked them to march one time around and for the priests to blow the trumpets...but for the people to remain in silence.

Where was their Sabbath? Not only did he ask them to march, but to blow the trumpets AND shout. This wasn't marching around a house--it was marching around an entire city!

You don't think they might have been tired? I'm sure they were from marching just once, but SEVEN times?

That is how it is sometimes. We get tired, we're spent, we *think* we are done. We think we've given it all and that means either 1) God is going to rescue us TODAY & bring an end to our trial OR 2) God has simply answered NO to our requests and we are not going to be rescued. period.

How God responded to the Israelites though, were neither of those options. He was asking them to push harder, wait a little longer, work more.  He was also asking them to give a war cry, a SHOUT of victory BEFORE the walls of Jericho fell down. Before. The Lord did not command them to shout for victory after the walls fell--but before, during their seventh march around the city.

When he first told them of His divine plan in Joshua 6:2, He didn't say he was going to deliver the city into their hands. He spoke it to them as if it was already done; I have delivered Jericho into your hands...Past tense. He had delivered into their hands...What if they stopped to question or correct him--but you haven't done it yet God. The work had already been accomplished in the spiritual realm, in God's realm--it was finished. The Israelites "simply" had to believe and obey. Simply. Simple. Sounds easy.

God is not a 'method'--He doesn't always ask us to do things in the exact same way every time. He leads according to his will, what is appropriate for each time and place. According to what we need.

Now is the time to press in closer and nearer to God. Take a bigger step of faith and march. It's the end. Yes, it requires a higher level of faith and action. More work. It might not make sense...I know you're tired. But press in and those walls are going to fall. Shout for victory and praise for what is to come.

Because it's coming.

Praise for what God has said is already done.

Because it is finished.

Refresh yourself with Joshua Chapter 6 and be encouraged.

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