Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello August

This fountain reminds me of a ground level fountain the Mr & I ran through last summer in NY. The memory caught me off guard today and I found it ironic. Or maybe it was bitter sweet?

There are 'officially' only 20 more days until my ktbunch starts school again. I get that feeling like I have to cram all I can and everything we haven't done this summer into the next 20 days. Good thing I don't often listen to my feelings. Things are going to be different though. I feel as if this might be our last summer in our current life style--mom at home.

The truth is I don't know exactly what my, our, future holds. I have my ideas and plans, like starting work in September--outside of my home. I have a few jobs lined up. I think I'm excited about it..but not about having to be away from my family--especially the youngest. He's gotten more clingy the last few months. He nearly goes into hysterics (not exaggerating) when I have to leave somewhere or when his siblings leave with out him.

I'm not worried or worrying--I'm focused more on enjoying the time we do have together. Today we went to a really nice local library that has this ground level fountain outside. The inside of the library has a lovely children's section but we didn't go inside today. The weather was great but warm.

By the time I started putting my feet in the water--I didn't want to get out. Sammyboy was ready to go though. The water was so refreshing. It's nice to have local areas like this, to hang out, keep cool and for the children to splash around in.

Our summer has been rather pleasant. We've created some new nightly traditions that we really enjoy. The trampoline is fun. We went camping and enjoyed our city's big, annual firework show and of course spent plenty of time at the beach.

I have been so blessed to be able to spend so much time with my ktbunch. Every day is a gift and I attempt not to waste it. I know I do take it for granted sometimes though...being human.

Later when we got home, the older boys went to youth group. I started to feel a little melancholy and made a choice not to give into it and do something instead. (and I had already cleaned my room. lol) I decided to join Birdy,  her friend and K, in the backyard on the trampoline. Then we all lay there relaxing and leisurely staring up at the great big sky...I saw a bird really, really high up in the sky. I think it was a hawk but I don't know for sure. The sky was clear and open with out any clouds. Suddenly, I blinked or something, only for a moment and the bird disappeared.

I know it sounds crazy. I don't know what to think about it or how to explain it. We all witnessed it.

Hope your August started out well...

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  1. Lisa Race10:08 AM

    Love your pics of the Library. Marcus Tate did the photography for their commemorative book. You can find it in their gift shop.
    Things seem harder just before breakthrough. I can see so much good in your life right now.
    Looking forward to seeing the conclusion of it all.


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