Monday, September 3, 2012

Good Bye Summer

It's time to wind down for us. The freedom of lazy days with out care for time and obligation are gone. Technically it is still the season of summer but we've stepped into the 'no-cartoons-or-tv-until-all-work-is-finished season--that means SCHOOL!

I love to look back over our summer and all the wonderful times we shared, especially the moments I never got around to writing about. We had lots of relaxing days filled with peace and joy.

We enjoyed our city's annual firework show. This year we tailgated with my brother's family, my dad and my other brother and his wife.

One afternoon my Birdy-girl and I played with a henna kit and decorated ourselves. We had a lot of fun creating designs and writing words on our hands and feet.

We had so much fun, even Sammy decided he needed to get in on the action. He ended up with designs on his hands too. One of his hands had a compass on it. It was almost prophetic because I know he was really needing direction in his life, from the Lord, at that time.

I wrote words on my hands. I felt like they would be absorbed into my soul. They were symbolic representations of the virtues I needed and wanted to carry in my spirit.

That was a pleasant afternoon. I can't wait to get another kit and practice making more designs on our hands and feet. Birdy ended up with a design that went all the way up her arm!

I had set a goal to run one mile every day for a year. Well....I made it 28 days straight before I broke my streak. It was what I needed at the time and it helped me maintain my emotional and mental stability. Someday...I really will reach my full year goal.

Sam had a few auditions and one of them was at Universal Studios. On our way back through the lot to our car...we snuck and took this quick shot with Mr. Potato Head!

Another summer day, my nephews went with us when Sammy had two auditions in the same general area. In between, we decided to hang around Hollywood and check out the Walk of Fame.

I don't think my nephews had ever been to the Walk of Fame before. Sammy really wanted to get a pic next to Michael Jackson's star but his was too crowded.

Then there were days we stayed home and did exactly what summer is for: nothing. We laid around the house, kids got wet in the back yard or jumped on the trampoline.

In the evening times we'd gather on my bed (you know, community property) and choose a favorite worship song or two and sing along. Then we would pray. This has now become an almost-nightly tradition.

One afternoon, a friend from church invited the ktbunch over to ride her horse. They absolutely LOVED it. This was one of the first times they'd ever *really* ridden a horse.

They had so much fun and really enjoyed it. Even Kurtis got in on the action. The horse really seemed to like them too. My kids were so great, they volunteered to help clean up the stable and feed the horse afterward. Who knew shoveling manure would be so 'thrilling'? lol

They got the hang of leading the horse around real quick, and took turns with each other.

Over all, I'd say we had a pretty fab summer.

We did some new things and stuck with some annual traditions. We spent lots of days at the beach and parks.

One night we even got to watch an outdoor, evening performance of Romeo and Juliet. It was lovely.

Happy Summer.

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