Friday, August 24, 2012


This afternoon, I stop praying and sit on the 'garden swing', in my back yard, just breathing.

Maybe I'm waiting...

Two hawks fly in circles high above, in a cloud covered sky. They fly higher but I could still see them as they flew farther and farther away, in the mist of the clouds, as their forms grew foggy. Nearly a dozen Monarch butterflies flutter gracefully around my passion fruit vine that grows on the chain link fence that divides my back yard from my neighbor's. One lands on a leaf, now and then, slowly opening and closing her wings. Dragonflies fly by in pairs. They weren't here last year.Three birds perch on three separate power lines toward the back fence, where the clothesline stands, on the other side of the trampoline. A large, single, bright yellow butterfly makes its way across the view, drawing my attention to an expanse of dirt where all the grass has died. I take a deeper breathe, lean my head back and look up; tree branches above me hold a few apples.

I feel it.
A smile spreads across my lips involuntarily.
I close my eyes.

I breathe in the lovely breeze that begins to blow as the cloud cover breaks and the sun quickly warms me.

My tears are dry.

I'm ok.
Everything is better than ok.
It will continue to be.

In the midst of everything being the's different.

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  1. Katie, a friend of mine introduced me to your blog. It has been a blessing to read, and follow your bittersweet, sometimes painful, but always genuine, journey with our Father. You have an amazing heart for Him; your words have inspired and guided me on many an occasion - thank you.

    Please know that you have been in my prayers all week - in my short journey with Christ, i've learned what makes all the difference is the people you allow to journey with you; we were not meant to do it alone. I praise God that He continues to embrace you and meet you where you need to be met.

    a sister,


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