Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Memories

When I was little, Thanksgiving was always celebrated @ my grandma Margaret's house. A large ping pong table would be brought out & set up in the back room, covered in brown butcher paper. I hated being seated in the 'crack'-the space in the middle, it made your plate uneven & you had to finagle your feet around the bars. I remember my mother looked so pretty with her short, feathered hair,  burgandy dress that had an elastic waist and high heels. There were always a few extra visitors; single men from the local military base who knew they were welcome to enjoy the meal & family atmosphere...a couple of them eventually joined our family as husbands and others whose names I will never remember.

Grandma would make her Puerto Rican rice, which we ALL love & I think she purposely rations out for special occasions.  Of course I can't forget that my mom *always* made the ham--covered in pineapple rings with cherries in each center. Aunt Rosie always made pineapple upside down cake & Aunt Haydee, well...she 'made' a husband out of one of those marines...Aunt Ramona was the first to be whisked off by her military man early on, so we didn't spend as many Thanksgivings w/ her.

Each year drew a few different people, but the family was always constant; me, my parents, my brother(s), both grandmas & my aunts. Before we sat down to eat, we'd all stand around the table holding hands & one of the men, I think usually my dad, led us in grace.

Of all the things to remember, from those occasions, what stands out are the *people*...& I think that is really what is most important.

ETA: I was cleaning out the closet & recently found this picture--of this very event! 

L to R: Mom, dad, brother, & service member helping little me push in my chair.

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