Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Here come the HOLYdays!?!

I know some may be feeling the dread of the upcoming holidays. Maybe things feel really hard right now or you are missing a loved one that is not here or you just don't know what God is doing, if anything, in your life. Listen, first, it's ONE day out of every day. Someone decided to make it 'special'...but seriously, is it really any different from yesterday or tomorrow
? It's just the menu that is different.

The dates on the calendar change but GOD never does. I am not denying things feel really hard and/or your facing challenges. But pay attention here....especially if you are thinking you are going to have a *horrible* (for whatever reason) Thanksgiving or Christmas or Hanukkah or New Years or whatever...

NO you will not--God is GOOD! He is going to bless you w/ peace, good food, good fellowship & HIS presence. YOU are going to embrace each day, moment by moment & GIVE THANX--start w/ the breathe you are taking right this second. As your lungs fill w/ oxygen--He fills you w/ the goodness of his spirit. As your cells pump through your heart to be refilled w/ clean air again--so your soul longs for the cleansing of Christ. As your heart beats--it beats in rhythm w/ the Spirit of Christ.

You are not just "surviving"--you are thriving because God has called you to a life that thrives. You will live passionately, boldly proclaiming the good news & goodness of Christ--NO MATTER WHAT each day brings. BECAUSE you HAVE the JOY of salvation! That will NEVER be taken away. Remember: EVERY day is a HOLY day.

What is seen is temporary (husbands, wives, homes, marriages, cars, holidays) but what is UNSEEN is eternal--hold on to those eternal things: salvation, peace, love, charity, long-suffering, faith, hope!

God has prepared you your entire life, for your next breath & every breath after that. He has given you everything you NEED to get through each moment of every day because HE is with you & His spirit is withIN you. Greater is He that is IN you than He who is IN the world!

You are ok. You are daughters and sons of the King, wholly & dearly loved, all beautiful within!

Happy THANKSgiving.

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