Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

Halloween wasn't our normal night of shenanigans this year.  The past few months have moved so quickly and almost in a blur. Normally, Halloween would have found me sewing or some how pulling together home-made costumes much earlier.

We still did home-made but there wasn't any sewing involved. We did do our make-up though. Whatever works, right? We went with a Calavera or Dia de los Muertos theme this year. I chose it cause I knew doing the make up would be easier than sewing up costumes. I just didn't have the gumption to sew for everyone. I think it worked out really well. Plus in the kids art class--they studies the original Calvera artist and created their own calavera inspired pieces.

The Mr. finagled this photo-op on our porch and it came out pretty good, I think. We walked two blocks for more than enough candy then headed home. But not before we visited a home that was just as festive as they were last year. Apparently, the father of the house enjoys playing DJ. They light up their drive way and he sits in the entry of their garage, blasting music from his laptop. It's fun and really makes me feel like I live in a great neighborhood. Of course Sammy didn't waste this opportunity to show his moves.

There wasn't much screaming from a nearby house on the same block that sets up some sort of maze/haunted house thing. Another corner house that usually draws mobs of people, didn't set up anything this year either. I'm perfectly ok with that. The crowds tended to get slightly out of control last year.

Kurtis had a great time passing out handfuls of candy at a time. Although there were crowds in the neighborhood, we didn't actually get very many ToTers. I think becuase we were the only house on our block passing out candy! Good thing we are on a corner.

Oldest kept himself busy hiding in the bushes to startle people walking by. One man ran away and left his toddler there. Needless to say, the mother wasn't too happy about that.

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