Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Goodbyes

Easter was nice. The weather was lovely, we color coordinated, we went to church, twice... 

We attended our regular Sunday morning services then went to another afternoon service so the pastor there could pray over Ern and his team mate before they left for their mission trip, that night. Yep. My baby is leaving the country. Eek! The Mr. and my Mother-in-Love met us there. It was a special bilingual service and I really enjoyed it. I know my MIL did too, since her primary language is Spanish.

I'm not really worried. He's a fine young man and I am very excited for him to have this experience. I went on my first mission and international experience when I was 14 years old. I was away from my family for six weeks, four of those weeks were spent in London, England. It was amazing but I can't say, as a parent, I would want my minor aged children away from me, especially out of the country for any amount of time...nor would I say it's appropriate. Of course, it would depend on the individual child, their temperament and maturity level.

My oldest is more than capable and mature. I look forward to hearing all about his adventures when he returns home. I also look forward to how this will affect and change him, as a human being, a young man and a Christian.

After church services, our family went to a local park, had a picnic and a plastic egg hunt. Kurtis really enjoyed that. It was so cute to see his eyes light up when he finally spied an egg hidden in the grass.  My family thought it was extra hilarious when I did this crazy-freak dance trying to get a large, spiky caterpillar off my jean clad leg. They were all too busy laughing hysterically to help me, I guess. We also did some geocaching, which I really miss. I get credit for the find but it was hidden really well!

Evening rolled around, the temperature dropped and it was time for the inevitable; to take the guy to the airport.  We parked because curb-side drop off was not ok for this momma! The line was unbelievably long for Philippine Airlines. Apparently, Easter Sunday night is a very popular date to fly to the Philippines?

He took my advice to pack each outfit in a gallon sized ziploc, vacuum (sort-of, I kneeled on each bag as I closed it) packed bag. He scoffed when I suggested he take baby wipes. I forgot to remind him to pack toilet paper.

"Did you bring baby wipes?" his team mate asked when we catch up to him, in the ticket line.

Mother really does know best. He'll learn. We joked around while they stood in the ridiculous line, until they were finally in line at the counter and family had to wait separate. I wasn't as emotional as I thought I might be...until that split second we decided it was time to go and we couldn't wait in line with him anymore. I gave him one more hug and the tears welled in my eyes.

I've taught him all I can so far. Given him advice he's free to reject (like the baby wipes). He's an adult and it's him and God now. And it's just me and God now, at least for the next two weeks. I think we'll both be doing some more growing up. 

Finally on our way home from the airport, lost in my thoughts...I noticed a billboard with only one word on it and nothing else: BELIEVE.

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