Saturday, March 30, 2013

The silence of doubt

After four centuries of silence...finally a baby arrived...angels proclaimed him to be Messiah, THE Messiah. Now, though it felt like an eternity, only 33 years later, here He was...bleeding, dying. 

When was His glory going to be revealed? Did we misunderstand? How can the man who healed the sick, the blind, the lame, the deaf and cast out demons, just hang like that to die? What manner of MAN was this then? We thought he was God...why isn't He doing anything? How could He allow them to treat Him like this?

Was he a man after all? Did we just waste 3 years following around a man? This is going to make us look pretty stupid...the man we called the King is dead. We don't understand. It doesn't make sense. This isn't how we imagined it going down.

He's in a tomb. Locked away. Where is God now? What are we supposed to do now? What is going to happen to us? Why isn't God speaking to us? Why can't we hear him?

A massacre on Friday...once again thrown back into silence on Saturday. How foolish we must appear. But, but, had to be true right? There's got to be an answer...somewhere...

It can't end like this. It can't really...can it?

In 2000 years, we're still plagued by the same doubts. The doubts the disciples, who walked, lived, and breathed with Him, experienced. Release doubt, embrace the boldness of faith.

We know how it ends...and that is where it all begins.  

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