Monday, April 8, 2013

Fall into God

The past week has had some frustrating energy--have you noticed that? Up and things WANT to change, break through WANTS to happen but maybe that shell is thicker and harder than the little chick trying to break out of it, expected. 

Push through because I believe break through IS happening. Restoration, favor, bondage/chains broken, obstacles removed and we are entering into a time of freedom and positive change. Clarity. I believe it.

I believe a shift HAS happened but many are scared and resistant to change. We all know this but the change is what we TRULY want...even if we are collectively resisting it.

Maybe the fighting FOR  and the fighting against--are obviously at odds and our nature is to keep fighting...but instead we need to let go---like a tug of war rope. Except when WE let go of our side--it's really the OTHER side that falls down, not us. We don't have to strive for it at all. It's already happening and nothing CAN stop it. All we have to do is rest IN it. 

Fall INTO God. 

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