Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Faith to Surrender

Have you seen Life of Pi?

There is a very insightful moment when Pi is stranded in his little boat (after a ship wreck at sea) and a big storm comes. He's already lost everything...and he tells God, (paraphrased) I've already lost everything...I surrender myself to you. That's all he's got to offer.

It was SUCH a good visual. I know there might be a time in our life when we feel like we've lost EVERYTHING...what else is there to lose? What else does God want? 

At that moment in the movie (there's 2 moments, I think actually), he's at peace and he's ready to just surrender to whatever God has for him...even if it means death at sea but until that time...he's doing what he can to survive--again, insightful.

We're not defeated...we fight TO the END. And only GOD determines the end.

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