Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fit for Life AND Death

It's not a new trend, ever since America began to pursue luxury time, fitness has taken a front page in our lives. Different fitness trends like jazzercise, aerobics, various types of yoga, pilates, weight lifting, cross-fit and many, many more attracted our attention. Along with fitness routines there are diets galore that promise to eliminate allergies, emotional instability, cancer and pretty much everything else that ails you; the zone diet, blood type diet, vegetarianism, veganism, paleo, GAPS, and other 'free' elimination type diets. Magazines, books, blogs, documentaries and radio shows are promoting new dietary and fitness lifestyles every day.

Being active, fit and eating healthy, over all is a great thing. It's proven that good physical health improves your quality of life, reduces stress and improves mental and emotional stability in general. Everyone knows this. (don't they?)

I see facebook posts every day, which I have also been guilty of, highlighting the latest physical feat and accomplishment, how many miles ran, weight lifted, and special meals created. Many of us are seeking a long life free from cancer, mainly.

The thing is, none of this matters if we are not pursuing a life of spiritual health. You can eat the best foods and work those muscles every day but unless we are striving to please God, it won't matter how long you live.

We will all die and it will matter more how we lived within our hearts, than what size we wore, what we ate and what we weighed. Our bodies were created to work together in every aspect; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. If any of of those aspects are neglected or out of balance, our entire life will be out of balance. Your outside can look great that won't change your insides if they are a wreck. What does it really matter if you have the stamina of a leopard but you don't have love, you neglect your family, you harbor bitterness? Those are the things that will really count in the end.

True freedom is not in avoiding death but being ready when it comes.
A long life will be useless if we are not prepared to to face what happens after we die.

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